Songbook enables fans to invest in songs & earn royalty income. 


We enable artists, labels or managers to crowdfund their yet-to-be-recorded album, EP or single release. In return, invested fans can earn royalty income from the songs streaming, radio, downloads, placement in TV, films, commercials and vinyl sales income.


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We work with emerging and established artists. 


Artists are non-exclusive, it’s only the songs fans invest in. Fans invest in the publishing or recording rights to fund part-of or entire recording and promotional budgets. Artists retain their copyrights at term end and the investment in none-earn-out based. 


Your Music. Your Industry

Today, fans want music to be more than just listening.


A fans Songbook is their modern day record collection. Not one of vinyl or mp3s, but a portfolio of copyrights a fan invests in. Each release has a dashboard, giving insight, stats and updates. And most importantly, tools to promote. Just as labels & publishers earn when songs are streamed, played on radio, tv and in games. Now fans can too.




For Artists


We provide artists, managers & labels with 'no-earn-out' funding to cover part-of or all recording and promotional costs. Fans who invest, sit central to an artists release strategy, via their 'MySongbook', and in turn, are able to sustain promotional reach far past the timeline of traditional label marketing activities.  

WHY Would I do this? 

Artists are non-exclusive, earn as much as 90% of revenue & retain their copyrights after term end. Songbook removes the artist from fundraising - we do this. No physical 'rewards' to post out and music journalists write all campaign content, not the artist. 


Small labels average at 4 staff + 20 freelancers (WINTEL). Songbook adds thousands of influential fans to an artists promotional team. We also work with Instagram's influential illustrators, designers & photographers to bring a whole new audience's through cover artwork.


We know the best music supervisors in the industry and work with them to find placements for your music in Commercials, Film, TV and Games. Hey, many of the music supervisors are probably on Songbook investing in great music themselves! 

For Fans


Hit DISCOVER to see which artists' campaigns you can invest in. Fans can invest from £10 to £1,000 to fund the recording & promotional costs of an artists Album, EP or Single release. In return, fans receives a % of the songs rights revenue from 3 to 25 years.


A fans 'My Songbook' becomes their modern day record collection, but a collection of the rights in the songs a fan has invested in. A portfolio of copyrights, which pays out any royalty revenue generated every six months, right into a fans bank account. 


All money invested pays for the recording and promotion of an artists release. In return fans earn royalty revenue from streaming, downloads, tv, film, games, commercials, radio and more. All income record labels and publishers earn, now fans can earn too.


Songbook makes it easier to start a record label or manage an artist or band. We help you fund your releases with none-earn-out funding, partner with the right label service partners and build in a social team to help you sustain promotional reach and break artists across social media.

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