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07 January



Pussyfoot Records

Written by

The Songbook team

07 January

Ninna Lundberg's Debut Album. To be produced by Howie B (U2, Bjork, Tricky) for Pussyfoot Records.

This campaign will kick off on the 30th November when we will be inviting fans to invest.

Ninna Lundberg, the 24 year old singer songwriter from Copenhagen, recently signed to Pussyfoot Records for the release of her debut album. And as Pussyfoot Records like to push the boundaries and do things differently, they're inviting her fans to invest in the recording of the album and be part of Lundberg's journey. 

Whilst studying composition at The Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Lundberg's solo songs and collaborations with JUMPSWIM pricked the ears of many on Soundcloud. Notably the track The Door...


Initial workings with Pussyfoot Records further establishes Lundberg's voice, as what Howie describes as "Ninna's voice is just f*ckin' incredible! It sounds like a classic vocal already". He could be right...


The Recording

With inspirations drawn from from Ella Fitzgerald right through to Feist, P.J Harvey and Nick Cave; Lundberg is drawn to uncomplicated stories in song; both lyrically and melodically. 

"Ninna's voice is just f*ckin' incredible! It sounds like a classic vocal already"

~ Howie B 

Hooking up with Howie B puts Lundberg in good hands. Howie, who has worked with Björk on several projects, engineering her second studio album Post and co-writing her US number 1 "I Miss You. Co-produced, engineered and mixed U2's electronically focused ninth studio album, Pop alongside producer, Flood and worked with Brian Eno on U2’s album Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1. Other notable credits include production on Tricky's 'Ponderosa’. He's rightly excited to get started on Lundberg's debut.



Howie also bring's to the project composer and double bass player Borgar Magnason, whose prolific career has earned him a place as one of one of Iceland's leading musical figures. With a wide scope of musical interests his work has spanned everything from solo performances to writing orchestral arrangements and collaborations with Bjork, Damien Rice, Andrea BocelliSigurrós, Michel Legrand, Daníel Bjarnason and Brian Eno. He brings string arrangement to this project.

Ninna's debut album will feature 10 tracks and have an alternative pop-rock style with simple arrangements, powerful and emotional vocals with vulnerable lyrical content. Howie brings the fully fleshed out production including drums, strings, guitar, keys, vocals and a whole heap of production effects and studio magic.


Pussyfoot Records will handle promotion of Lundberg's debut album. All promotional content from the album will be pushed to invested fans 'My Songbook' (your portfolio of copyrights) where you can access album news, updates & stats to promote across your socials, be a player in the industry, and help build Lundberg's audience. Songbook will actively seek placements of her songs into TV, Film and advertising, via our network of music supervisors in the UK and USA.


Pussyfoot Records: Pussyfoot | twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Spotify

Ninna Lundberg: Apple | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

The Deal.
You are investing in 10 songs by Ninna Lundberg. To be produced by Howie B for Pussyfoot Records.

Genre: Alternative / Indie
Project: Debut Album
Recording Studio: Howie B's own studio
Producer: Howie B
Format: Digital / Phsyical
Release Date: March 2019

Label: Pussyfoot Records
Raise: £5,900

Offer: 30% Publishing Rights
Term: 12 Years

How will the songs earn money?
Exactly the same way a music publisher makes money from the songs.

Digital sales: Income received every time a song is downloaded or streamed. All songs are distributed onto 150+ streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon Music, Tidal.
Synchronisation (sync): Income received (a one off payment) for the placement of a song in TV, films, advertising, games, apps, online and any other form or audio visual media.
Performance Rights: Income received every time the song is performed. Whether live in a venue, broadcast on television, radio, TV commercials, online, in a public space, hotels, shops and restaurants.
Physical sales: Income received from the sale of physical vinyl or other physical media featuring the songs.

How does the investment work?
Songbook is offering a total of 30% of the Publishing Rights revenue for a twelve year period, in return for the funding of the albums £5,900 recording costs. Minimum investment £10, maximum, £1,000. All investments over £100 receive a signed vinyl copy.

What happens after I invest?
Songbook will email you when the campaign has ended. If successfully, the campaign artwork thumb will move into your 'My Songbook' (your portfolio of copyrights) showing you how much you invested, artist stats and updates. Songbook will pay out any royalty revenue to fans every 6 months. If the campaign is unsuccessful, Songbook will let you know via email and 100% of the money you invested will be returned to you within 30 days. 

If you have any questions, hit 'Ask Question' at the top of this page.

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