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Wouldn't It Be Nice

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14 February



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14 February

Multi talented singer/songwriter Alex Brenchley features in Songbook’s first UNDISCOVERED Series.

The campaign starts on the 4th January 2019, when we will be inviting fans to invest in and be part of the EP's promotional team.

'Wouldn't It Be Nice' will be an E.P. of 4 songs, each one a unique take on an original Beach Boys song. The idea started when film-maker Arthur Petri contacted Alex from The Netherlands and commissioned a cover of 'God Only Knows' to accompany an original Super 8mm short film about Petri's own love life, culminating in a romantic real life proposal on camera.


As a songwriter and performer Brenchley’s work has been used across television and in TV commercials for the likes if Samsung & Axe Deodorant and can be found widely on Youtube, Spotify and iTunes. Brenchley, has performed in many prestigious UK venues such as The Barbican, The V&A Museum and Battersea Arts Centre and he often work’s with HUGLEY popular Youtube musician, Tom Rosenthal.

 "Alex is one the finest songwriters around and I know this because I have written a number of songs with him, some of which have been listened to by millions of people around the world. He's a fantastic lyricist, songwriter and human" - ~Tom Rosenthal~


The EP

The 4 Beach Boys tracks Brenchley will be covering, in his 'quirky-English' style are:

The EP will feature accompanying video’s which all investors will receive before the EP is released. Alex wants to work with the fans who have invested > creating playlists on Spotify, promotion across twitter and Instagram and other social activities which will help Alex grow his audience worldwide. All this will be done via the invested fans MySongbook - giving them stats, news and updates on Alex. Songbook, will also put these tracks in the hands of a number of Music Supervisors in the UK and USA to place into TV, Film and Commercials.

Check out some more songs by the talented Mr Brenchley.


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The Deal.
You are investing in 4 songs by The Beach Boys. Recomposed & reinterpreted by Alex Brenchley.

PROJECT: 4 track EP
RECORDING STUDIO: Square Triangle Circle Studio
RELEASE DATE: March 2019

ARTWORK: Alex Brenchley
RAISE: £1,250

OFFER: 25% Recording Rights
TERM: 10 Years

How will the songs earn money?
Exactly the same way a record label makes money from the songs it releases.
Digital sales: Income received every time a song is downloaded or streamed. All songs will be distributed onto 150+ streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon Music & Tidal.
Synchronisation (sync): Income received (a one off payment) for the placement of a song in TV, film, advertising, games, apps, online and any other form or audio visual media.
Neighbouring Rights: Income received every time the song is performed. Whether live in a venue, broadcast on television, radio, online, in a public space, hotels, shops and restaurants.

How does the investment work?
Songbook is offering a total of 25% of the Recording Rights revenue for a ten year period, in return for the funding of the albums £1,250 recording costs. Minimum investment £10, maximum, £1,000. All investors, investing over £35 will receive a limited edition vinyl copy featuring your name on the back cover artwork.

What happens after I invest?
Songbook will email you when the campaign has ended. If successfully, the campaign artwork thumb will move into your 'My Songbook' (your portfolio of copyrights) showing you how much you invested, artist stats and updates. Songbook will pay out any royalty revenue to fans every 6 months. If the campaign is unsuccessful, Songbook will let you know via email and 100% of the money you invested will be returned to you within 30 days.

If you have any questions, hit 'Ask Question' at the top of this page.

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